Purple Carrot works with a wide variety of clients from hospital systems to tech companies and universities. Below is a sampling of a few projects that make us proud.


grow business


For several years an institute within a leading hospital system was interested in expanding their surgical service offering beyond their main campus but had difficulty in making it happen—creating sustainable, new business practices which included funding, team coordination, employee training, and equipment. With the nod of approval from the chief of surgery, Purple Carrot formed a multi-disciplinary pilot team including nurse, physician, and administrative members to build and execute a plan of action.

Within 6 weeks, the first pilot case was successfully performed. Shortly thereafter, a second case was performed. This work led to a multi-million-dollar grant to enable full execution of the service expansion. Additionally, this program was recognized as the leading accomplishment from the hospital system’s innovation department.


MakE that one shot count


The founding team of a lifestyle event, start-up company came to Purple Carrot with a problem. They had a pitch deck that had been developed by a business partner with whom they had recently ended their relationship. They needed something new, polished, and concise to share their updated vision and support their plans to establish new relationships and contracts. Timing was tight. Within the upcoming weeks the founders had a series of critical meetings with city planners and other influential organizations and one shot to convince them of the high potential of their concept.

After reviewing their original plan and new vision, Purple Carrot rewrote and restructured their story and developed a customized presentation that brought the experience to life. The end product was a big success and underscored the professionalism and talent that this founding team would bring to bear. To date, they have secured necessary relationships and contracts and are on target to establish their groundbreaking event and new tradition in Cleveland.


transform data into direction


The European headquarters of a technology company and a premier university were collaborating on a multi-stage research project. The pilot study was complete; however, the team had run out of hands to translate a big pile of data into understanding and insights to serve as the source of direction for the second phase of the study program.

Purple Carrot came on to support the team and, with minimal direction, jumped into the data, identified key insights and opportunities, and transformed it into a compelling presentation and discussion guide for the clients' upcoming meeting. The project was completed ahead of schedule, and the clients were thrilled with the results. Now, onto phase 2.


Differentiate a brand: From obscurity to anticipation


A European-based specialty pharmaceutical company had plans to launch a blockbuster drug in the highly competitive space of biologics for autoimmune diseases. Without corporate or brand awareness, there were significant concerns that the brand would fail to garner the attention required to meet business forecasts. With the collaboration of creative counterparts, we designed and executed a marketing and communications strategy and program that ensured not only was there significant awareness of the product by launch, but also the company became recognized by physicians and patients alike as one who looked beyond sales and profits to truly generate patient benefit.