Carrots are orange. They’re generally sweet. And, they crunch!

But what if carrots actually come in a full array of colors? What if they are a deep, beautiful purple? How does this challenge your assumption of carrots? Do purple carrots taste like orange ones? Are they just as crunchy? Do they offer better or worse health benefits? Could or would you cook and serve them differently? Could purple carrots be the answer to something that you’ve never before considered?

Change one small thing about something as ordinary and mundane as a carrot and all of a sudden your whole perspective on what a carrot is and the value it brings changes with it. And, just as important, purple carrots really do exist. They aren’t fantasy. They are tangible and at the ready to provide new value to be unleashed.

So, what do purple carrots have to do with healthcare and, more specifically, successfully launching new products and growing brands in the market? Well, think of your product as a purple carrot, rather than an orange one. Now, you have opened up the ability to think more completely about it. You are allowing yourself to reconsider what is expected. You are freed to build a new perspective on how your customers may engage with it. You are challenged to think past your competitors with their orange carrots and pave the way for the creation of new value, new opportunities, and greater success.

 When people open their minds to new possibilities, what had once seemed impossible is not only now within reach, it also becomes imperative for success.

Sure, most carrots are orange…Be a purple carrot.